Poems by
Hank Fisher

Collected Works

Alleys Without Words (Copyright © 2015)

Alleys, parkways and other distractions filled my youth with unblemished roadmaps that enabled me to navigate the neighborhood I have always adored in the city I have always loved.

Alleys, then as now, have served as concrete canvases upon which the portraits and mirrored images contained in my memory are embossed; storylands where I could transport myself to when necessary or desired.

Jackets in My Closet (Copyright © 2013)

Each jacket in my front closet possesses a unique story that was conceived by me or represents a particular event or circumstance in which I was a witness or participant. Jackets have not been drawn into my life by accident or coincidence.

There seems to be a metaphysical link that either reveals the perfect jacket at the perfect moment, or at least creates the appropriate situation for one-on-one introductions between myself and the next jacket entering my life.

. . . views I have captured of the imagery about which I have written

Where Was I Standing?

Eye Talk

Belly Dancing in Istanbul


Oak Table at the Tea Shop


Alabaster and Onyx


Simple Labyrinths

Silver Backed


Concrete Canals

Song Wave



Creek Bed

Yard Sale

Return Passage


Soul Whisperer

Pane of Sizzling Snowfall

Wordless Epiphanigenics

Wild Canary

Plateau of Shallow Depths

Still Life

His Nap


Dark Alabaster River

Heather in Moonglow

Refracting in Abstentia.3

Dried Challah

Cave Dwelling

Upon Moment

Waves & Phrases